Casket D‘s highly anticipated fourth studio album is a conceptual juggernaut packed with meaning. At it’s core Beautiful Struggle Dangerous Freedom is a masterful testimony of one’s soul. Chipping away at the emotional calluses that a rough environment and the tragedy it breeds causes. Casket isn’t affraid to bare it all in every song. An already personal and introspective artist, Casket takes it up a notch here. On the intro track Beautiful Struggle, he states “The devil got me on trial, God’s my defense attorney”. Speaking to the listeners like a courtoom jury, he bares the weight of his position in his family’s structure and hierarchy. A theme that is recurring throughout the remainder of the album. Alla Most Precious Rose, an ode to his daughter. Displaying vulnerability and anxiousness about fatherhood, Casket wrestles with how to be a great provider for her, while walking away from the illicit activities that once gained him revenue in order to stay present in her life. Home, a message to his passed loved ones reassuring that they will live on in his heart. Part I proclaiming his mother “is the closest thing to God on Earth” followed by Part II an oath of loyalty to his “brothers” and girl. With Beautiful Struggle Dangerous Freedom, Casket understands exactly what he’s up against. The serpent / devil is his mortal or rather immortal enemy, causing destruction and deception at every given opportunity.

Ultimately Casket serves as a freedom fighter protagonist in a battle for not only his own deliverance, but the multitude of priceless freedoms for those whom he loves. Closing the album, The Prelude is painted as a triumpant victory of a hard fought war. “I’m talking Freedom, financially, spiritually, just revamping we, ain’t shackled up in prison or early graves fore’ we meet him, finally FREE”. Cased closed.

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