LA-based, NY bred rapper-singer-producer, Hudi, drops his new project Holy Smokes!. Holy Smokes! finds the talented wordsmith channeling the slick confidence of the hip-hop giants that soundtracked his childhood.

When describing the project, Hudi explains, “The EP is a compilation of songs defining the direction I’m going in. Early 2000s style drums and melodies with more modern sounds. The music I grew up listening to. It’s a raw approach to my own sound and branding, the visuals kind of tell you that too with most of it being done solo. Themes of religion, nihilism, cynicism.”

With quintessential New York swagger, he raps about ordering chicken and rice and being “the next JT,” while delivering clever triple, even quadruple entendres over production that affectionately recalls an era when the city dominated hip-hop. “I think we’re, we’re living in an era of rap music where people are really, really starting to appreciate the, like, the intelligence of the instrumental aspect of things,” Hudi says about tapping into nostalgia on “In the Cut,” “Yung” and the EP’s title track “Holy Smokes!”—luscious cuts that bear respectful and satisfying resemblance to beats by legendary producers like Timbaland, Diddy, and Jermaine Dupri.

Elsewhere on the EP, Hudi is vulnerable and ultramodern, stretching the bounds of using his voice as an instrument. “And I’m losing my mind in the silence,” he sings on the enchantingly autotuned chorus of “Younger Now” over a moody bassline. On the tender “Lonely,” Hudi, who recently moved to LA, sings about isolation and life changes, without sacrificing his knack for crafting unforgettable melodies.

Hudi’s 2019 single “Rain” has been streamed over 8 million times and his 2020 single “WOODCHUCK!” boasts over 7.5 million streams across platforms.

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