Ferge X Fisherman and Mick Jenkins invite listeners on a lyrical journey through adulthood with their latest single, ‘What Have We Become’. This piece, set to feature on the ‘Good Mother’ album, blends the soulfulness of ’70s music with the vibrancy of modern hip-hop. The track’s introspective lyrics delve into the nuances of growing up, offering a mirror to the listener’s own experiences. Jenkins’ poetic flair and the musical expertise of Ferge X Fisherman create a rich, multi-layered listening experience. The incorporation of gospel choirs and vintage strings adds an emotional depth that is both poignant and uplifting. This song is a testament to the power of collaboration, merging different genres and perspectives into a harmonious whole.

‘What Have We Become’ encourages a reflection on the passage of time and the beauty found in life’s constant evolution. It stands as a beacon of artistic expression, capturing the essence of maturity and the introspection it entails.

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