Emcee Nathan Nice, producer KDT Produced It and DJs Arbs & Breeze are Los Angeles-based “modern Golden-Era hip-hop group” COLAMP, presenting the animated music video for their new single “Buggin”, featuring Blu, Katie Burke and Relic Fox. “Buggin” commemorates Mental Health Awareness Month, a subject close to KDT, whose mother took her own life in 1983, and who himself struggles with bipolar 1 disorder. Blu (most famous for his 2007 “Below The Heavens” album with producer Exile) shares his firsthand experience of going through a mental health episode, while Nathan Nice raps from the perspective of a concerned friend. “Buggin” also features Katie Burke as well as Relic Fox, KDT’s partner in the group ElephantBird, and is co-produced by KDT’s Blue Fidelity collaborator, the North Carolina producer demancey. KDT produces the entirety of TAPE, Colamp’s forthcoming album featuring Anacron, The Lvxes, Ill Se7en, DJ Gilatine, Drew Anthuny and Life Rexall. KDT’s previous credits include the Breakfast At Earl’s EP with LA emcee Sach iLLpage of The Nonce (watch the official video for “Hey Love” on Youtube). COLAMP is a portmanteau of “cold lamp”, most widely recognized on Public Enemy’s single “Cold Lampin’ With Flavor.” “Buggin” is out now on Veronique Records.

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