Great achievers possess an innate sense of purpose and an unwavering desire to leave behind a lasting impact. For musicians, their music becomes their enduring legacy, a form of “immortality” that transcends time. DABOYWAY, the legendary figure in Thai Hip Hop, has significantly contributed to his legacy with the release of his latest single “On Me.” produced by Grammy-winning Jimmy Duval, This playful anthem revolves around DABOYWAY and his romantic interest, captivating listeners with its dynamic and enthralling narrative.

DABOYWAY, hailing from Queens, NY, has firmly established himself in the music industry over the past few decades. His performances exude boundless energy and electrifying charisma, accompanied by a compelling blend of gritty, thought-provoking lyrics that define the essence of Hip Hop. With his unmistakable flow, lyrical prowess, and vibrant stage presence, DABOYWAY has emerged as one of the most distinctive artists in today’s music scene.

DABOYWAY, the prominent figure in Hip Hop, is a talented musician and a person of integrity. He is revered as a musical “Don” and a true “Boss.” Moreover, DABOYWAY is widely recognized as a founding member of the acclaimed group Thaitanium, which recently celebrated its 24th anniversary in the music industry. Thaitanium has been a household name in Thai Hip Hop for over two decades, releasing numerous chart-topping singles, including a collaboration with Snoop Dogg titled “WAKE UP (Bangkok City)”.

Thaitanium opened up for JayZ and Rihanna and also brought rap icon Nas to Bangkok for the first-ever Asian Hip Hop Festival. The group’s first two albums, AA and Thai Riders, garnered critical acclaim upon their release in Thailand. As part of Thaitanium, DABOYWAY has toured extensively, captivating audiences not only in the United States but worldwide, including Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. The group’s notable achievements include providing the soundtrack for the Thai film Province 77 and performing at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards. Additionally, they had the honor of opening for Fort Minor and 50 Cent in a concert held in February 2006. DABOYWAY, along with Djaybuddah and the rest of Thaitanium, was a key part of the entrance of the Rolling Loud festival into Thailand.

Beyond his musical endeavors, DABOYWAY is also a gifted actor who possesses a deep passion for the craft. Under his government name, Prinya “Way” Intachai, he has showcased his acting skills in more than 20 feature films. His dedication to honing his craft is evident as he continues to explore the world On the entrepreneurial side. The dedicated father and visionary has a clothing line for kids that was inspired by his children called Dek Tay. DABOYWAY is also the owner of 36 barber shops in Bangkok called NEVERSAYCUTZ.


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