Get ready for a mind-bending trip through the Hip-Hop cosmos with the one and only Kool Keith.  Black Elvis is back with his long-awaited sequel. 

Kool Keith takes his information-age rhymes to a whole new level, with a sound that’s equal parts street and space.  Featuring collaborations with Marc Live, Raaddrr Van, Dynamite, L’Orange, J. Stylez, Agallah and the legendary Ice-T, Black Elvis 2 will leave you reeling.

The newest single from Black Elvis 2 is a partial Analog Brothers reunion featuring Marc Live (Marc Moog) and Ice-T (Ice Oscillator) alongside Kool Keith (AKA Black Elvis).  Marc Live is also behind the boards for the space age trio. 

Delivering chemistry akin to 9th Wonder and Buckshot, Kool Keith leads off pouring out “The Formula” for everyone, while Marc Live goes multiverse Coreleon, full-scale legion of doom, monsoon dark side with heavy wordplay raining down.   With the last verse, Ice-T reveals again why he is the final level delivering in true OG form and reminding us it’s not how well you’re doing, it’s how long you’re doing well

Black Elvis 2 will be released on 6-16-23 via Mello Music Group.   

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