Sometimes it’s more important to simply know who not to cross, rather than solely being wise to who is loyal to you. Why is that? Simple answer: Loyalty’s value quickly plummets when you find yourself in deep water with vengeful sharks, a stark reminder that there are some people that should always remain off limits and never crossed.

Riding the wave of two major cover stories in both The Hype Magazine and 1World MagazineNewark, New Jersey‘s Wes Nihil keeps his foot on the gas with “Ridin’ With Ya” music video introducing fellow NJ rhyme-wrecker, Shiner Hymes. This hard-hitting Krohme-produced magnum opus unlocks the subconscious echos that whirl around in everyone’s head cautioning to leave certain lines uncrossed.

The grim black and white John L (All I Know Is Goon) directed visuals display Wes Nihil & Shiner Hymes blowing off steam in their concrete habitat, trading fierce bars forewarning anyone who dares to violate. Wes explained “Ridin’ With Ya”, declaring, “I never like people who run around and have to tell you how tough they are. More often than not, the loudest person in the room tends to be the weakest. This song is simply a metaphorical mantra to always fully understand who is who, what is what, and who to never betray.”

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